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With Fastercom,

Optimize and plan your routes while respecting the constraints inherent to paratransit.

Prioritize your drivers and take into account the different types of disabilities to maximize your transport capacity.

Reduce the time on the road and for planning your tours in order to offer an optimal adapted transportation service!

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Optimization, customization and management of adapted transportation

Customize patient care with FasterForm

Create transport request forms to build your patient database
Customize your forms to establish the necessary constraints for your patients based on their needs

Export your pickups to your drivers' phones

Access the itinerary and contact details of all patients for the day
Take pictures, enter signatures or remarks to integrate them directly into the patient file

Optimize your routes

Fastercom calculates the optimal routes according to FasterForm constraints so that your patients spend as little time as possible on the road in the best conditions

Better service for your patients and their families

Your patients' tutors can prepare to greet them via a tracking number that tells them your arrival time in real time

Tailor-made reports

Your transport data allows you to control your activity continuously improve your future transport efficiency

Paratransit expertise 
at the service of your patients 

Copyright FASTERCOM Inc.

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