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With Fastercom,

Your collection rounds are planned and optimized to offer you total control of your activity.

For all types of collection: waste, recycling and goods.
Make more accurate rounds by maximizing the allocation of your resources!

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Optimization and management of collection routes within everyone's reach

Mileage gains & pooling

Our algorithms offer you the best routes to avoid double trips, empty trips, thus reducing your fuel costs. All while respecting your constraints and those of your customers.

Follow-up of operations

Export routes to drivers' GPSs and phones to track the tour and give you the opportunity to be proactive with this vision of operations from the field

Customer satisfaction

Your customers follow your collection rounds in real time, greatly reducing your calls. Your drivers send you photos and signatures, for an unbeatable customer relationship

Work order

Your employees can fill out their work orders directly from their phone
The work order is fully customizable (signature, photo, date, type of visit, comment, etc.)

Custom reports & data

Your transport data allows you to control your activity continuously improve your future transport efficiency


Empty transport


Preparation time


KM travelled


Collection rate

The expertise of the collection tours
at the service of our customers and partners

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