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Solutions de planification et d'optimisation des routes

Food Delivery Routes Optimisation Case Study

Integration of Faster TMS in the food transportation sector

Food Delivery Business

Case study

"For few years now, Faster TMS allows our dispatchers to prepare the routes much faster and to start the day of delivery earlier. In addition, we are able to modify the routes during the day very quickly when needed. "

The challenge

  1. A company in the animal feed distribution sector with a fleet of 40 vehicles spread across multiple depots.

  2. Take into consideration the delivery of bags and bulk foods in separate compartments.

  3. Take into consideration compartments and capacities of vehicles.

  4. Take into consideration returns to depots during the rounds and in between deliveries.

  5. The software should take into account the authorized routes for the different vehicles.

The solution


on total duration of delivery rounds


of vehicles capacity

double delivery




  1. Implementing Faster TMS into customer's offices with our food delivery module and support for compartmentalised vehicles.

  2. Develop operational procedures

  3. Train dispatchers to test alternative scenarios

  4. Train and support dispatchers and users to take full advantage of our software.

  5. Verify occasionally that the company takes full advantage of the optimization.

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