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Specialized module for transport optimization in food distribution

Routing Optimization Software for Food Distribution

Why Optimize Transport for Food Distribution

The issues

Your dispatchers must manage multiple depots for collects and deliveries. In addition, some vehicles are compartmentalized to transport food in bulk, bags or refrigerated. Your transport must return to the depot during its round in order to pick up the next deliveries. These complex routes can increase mileage and associated costs, as well as empty trips by 20%.

The solution

So if you had access to a software that takes into account compartments, capacity and constraints of your vehicles, pickups and deliveries, the availability of your customers and that creates for you optimal routes while respecting each of your constraints.

How this solution works

Assigning pickups and deliveries to your vehicle

Optimization of delivery rounds

Full accordance with your business constraints and complete transparency

Company or Cloud base installation available

Case study

Animal feed transportation

Find out how a company in the animal feed distribution sector reduced by 20% the total duration of their delivery rounds.

Ask for a Free Demonstration

Our team will be happy to organize a demonstration of our software for free. Just make the request. A Faster TMS specialist will contact you as soon as possible.

Our Specialized Modules

Food Delivery

Load optimization for compartmentalised vehicles

Recycling and Pickup

Optimizing taking appointments based on interventions already planned

Passenger Transport

Integrating the concept of service to users and management of maximum journey times

Home Services and Technicians

Optimizing taking appointments based on interventions already planned

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