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With Fastercom,

Your routes are planned and optimized to offer you total control over your freight transport.

For all types of goods, including general materials, frozen and perishable. Make more deliveries by controlling your returns to depots.

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Transport optimization and management within everyone's reach !

Mileage gains & pooling

Our algorithms offer you the best routes to avoid double trips, empty trips, thus reducing your fuel costs. All while respecting your constraints and those of your customers.

Monitoring of Operations

Export routes to drivers' GPSs and phones to track the progress of the route and give you the opportunity to be proactive with this vision of operations from the field

Customer satisfaction

Your customers follow their deliveries in real time, greatly reducing your calls. Your drivers send you photos and signatures, for an unbeatable customer relationship

Fastercom is added to your IT tools

Fastercom integrates easily with your IT tools so that you do not fall behind in the management of your activity (database, API, ERP, GPS, invoicing software) 

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Custom reports & data

Your transport data allows you to control your activity continuously improve your future transport efficiency

Freight transport expertise
at the service of our customers and partners


Villeneuve Inc. delivers frozen products such as Chapman ice cream throughout Quebec with a fleet of 15 trucks.
How does Fastercom help you?
Before the roads were ready around 6pm, now they are available between 3pm and 4pm. The time saving was therefore very important but beyond that, before only the dispatcher could do the routes and any change was complex.
Today, thanks to Fastercom, there are several people in the company who can take over in case of absence or problem, which reassures me enormously.
How did the software deployment go?
Fastercom has been integrated into our existing order management application. Our software environment did not need to be modified.
The Fastercom team really helped me to model our delivery constraints in the application; I mean the time constraints to be respected by our customers, the driver breaks but also the more complex issues that have been solved such as pick-up and delivery.
Has Fastercom allowed you to make other improvements?
Yes, the dispatcher had recently retired and a new resource had to be trained.
The training of the new person was fast and within a few days. As a result, we were able to integrate new customers into the roads and new trucks without increasing our workforce.
Fastercom also allows us to perform simulations before integrating a new customer into the roads, in order to know their impact.

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