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With Fastercom,

Spend more time with your patients & gain efficiency

Automate the scheduling of your appointments according to your constraints and those of your patients and optimize your rounds!

Turn the time saved on the road into new appointments

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Plan as many visits as possible while saving kilometres !

Automate appointment taking

Enter the patient's availability and your availability. In a few seconds, Fastercom finds the optimal appointment according to the chosen constraints (priority patients, cost, mileage, etc.)

Export your rounds to your phone

Access the itinerary and contact details of all patients for the day.
Take pictures, enter signatures or remarks to integrate them directly into the patient file 


Optimize your rounds

Fastercom optimizes your routes so you spend less time on the road and more time with your patients
Manage last-minute appointments and unexpected events with Fastercom tools 

Better service for the patient 

Your patients can be ready to receive you instantly via a tracking number that tells them your arrival time in real time 

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Faster RDV is added to your IT tools

Faster RDV integrates easily with your IT tools so that you do not fall behind in the management of your activity (database, API, ERP, GPS, invoicing software) 

Medical expertise
at the service of our customers and partners

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