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Solutions de planification et d'optimisation des routes

Optimization of Passengers Transportation Case Study

Integration of a TMS in the passengers transportation sector

Passengers Transportation

Case study

« Installed in many of our centers, Faster TMS allows us to prepare the roads within two days instead of 5. In addition, we can prioritize the transport made by our staff before requesting transport by our volunteers. »

The challenge

  1. Several centers each with their own carrier.

  2. Prioritize certain types of drivers and vehicles (eg prioritize employees before volunteers).

  3. Take into consideration the time spent by passengers in the vehicle.

  4. Take into consideration that some passengers cannot be transported together with some others.

  5. Take into consideration that some passengers have restriction within their environment.


of daily transportation rates


of internal ressources


Preparation time


The solution

  1. Implementing Faster TMS into customer's offices with our module for the passenger transportation.

  2. Develop operational procedures

  3. Train and support dispatchers and users to take full advantage of our software.

  4. Verify occasionally that the company takes full advantage of the optimization.

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