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Specialized module for route optimization in passenger transportation

Optimization Software for Passenger Transportation

Why Optimize Passenger Transportation Routes

The issues

Your dispatchers must manage several additional constraints when preparing the routes for passenger transport. A person must not stay too long in the vehicle, sometime some people cannot be in the same vehicle at the same time and some drivers need to be prioritized for certain type of transports or in relation to other drivers (eg volunteers). The required time to prepare the roads that meet all the constraints is very long.

The solution

So if you had access to a software that takes into account the priority of your drivers and their skills, the capacities of your vehicles, as well as the compatibilities of passengers you carry, and that creates for you the optimal and less costly routes while respecting each your constraints.

How this solution works

Assigning passengers to vehicles and drivers.

Optimizing passenger transportation routes

Full accordance with your business constraints and complete transparency

Company or Cloud base installation available

Case study

Passenger transportation

Find out how 4 government centers save 60% of their time on routes planning.

Ask for a Free Demonstration

Our team will be happy to organize a demonstration of our software for free. Just make the request. A Faster TMS specialist will contact you as soon as possible.

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