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With Fastercom,

Your appointments are automated, your visits are planned and your tours are optimized!

Gain efficiency by automating the scheduling of your appointments according to your constraints!

Control and check the performance of your technicians in real time.

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Transport optimization and management within everyone's reach !

Respect for obligations and skills

Our algorithms offer you the best routes for your technicians, all while respecting your constraints and those of your customers.

Your appointments are planned and automated

Enter the availability of customers and drivers. In a few seconds, Fastercom finds the optimal appointment by respecting the constraints (distance, cost, mileage,...)

Work order

Your technicians can complete their work orders directly from their phone
The work order is fully customizable (signature, photo, date, type of visit, comment, etc.)

Customer satisfaction

Your customers can track you in real time via a tracking number 
Your customers can then prepare for the exact time of your intervention

Customized operations monitoring and reporting

Follow the progress of the roads live and have the opportunity to be proactive thanks to this vision of operations from the field.

Your transport data allows you to control your activity continuously improve your future transport efficiency

Technical expertise 
at the service of our customers and partners

Copyright FASTERCOM Inc.

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