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Solutions de planification et d'optimisation des routes

Integration of Faster TMS in the sector of technicians and home service rounds

Optimization of Home Service Routes Case Study

Home Services / Technician

Case study

« For the past 4 years, Faster TMS allows our technicians to complete a maximum of visits every day. The Fastercom team was very involved with us in order to increase our efficiency with their software. »

The challenge

  1. A company in the building inspection sector with 20 vehicles and technicians aims to optimize its rounds to visit more customers with the same team.

  2. It must take into consideration the sectors and skills of technicians.

  3. It must schedule appointments at the most profitable time for technicians and customers.

  4. The software should respond within a very short time since appointments are taken in real time.

The solution

  1. Implementing Faster TMS into customer's offices with our module for home service, technician, appointment scheduling and decision support.

  2. Develop operational procedures

  3. Train and support dispatchers and users to take full advantage of our software.

  4. Verify occasionally that the company takes full advantage of the optimization.



of daily visitation rates




Optimization on 60 days

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