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Planning and routing optimization solutions

Faster TMS: The tour optimization software, deliveries, pickups and appointments.

Multiple Routes Planner and Optimizer

Faster TMS Benefits

Ultra-flexible solution for your business

Faster TMS is a proprietary software designed to fit a multitude of businesses with a need for fleet management and routes optimisation. No matter the size of your fleet, type of property carried, the size of your vehicles and business constraints, our transportation management software in combination with our proprietary optimization algorithm of tour will return the routes more profitable for your daily rounds.

Integration with your IT system

Using our flexible software, we can export, in most cases, the information from your computer system (accounting system, business management, ERP and many others) and import them into our optimization software.

Aids decision tools

Software designed and developed in partnerships with R&D and academic professionals of the sector (eg. dispatcher and operations manager) that provides optimized transport solutions that users can adjust manually.

Local support for all levels (1,2 and 3) (1,2 and 3)

Whatever the situation, our team, based in Montreal, will answer your support requests. No call center or automated system to respond.

Main Functionalities

An agenda for planning roads and calendar management.

User-friendly interface with interactive mapping to optimize routing.

A database containing all the information required for the management of your transport business.

The ability to export to Excel, GPS or mobile phones.

Specialized Modules by Sector

Home Service / Technician

Optimizing taking appointments based on interventions already planned


Load optimization for compartmentalised vehicles and tankers

Pick-up and Recycling Routes

Optimizing taking appointments based on interventions already planned

Passenger Transportation

Integrating the concept of service to users and management of maximum journey times

Major constraints supported by TMS Faster 

Duration of visit
Response Time
Charging time
Managing breaks
Compatibility and competence
Geographic sector
Loading capacity
Priority management
Time range and delay rates
Hourly rate and overtime
Mileage rate
Departure and arrived, minimum and maximum
Location management
Pick-up and delivery
Return to depot

Ask for a Free Demonstration

Our team will be happy to organize a demonstration of our software for free. Just make the request. A Faster TMS specialist will contact you as soon as possible.

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