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Solutions de planification et d'optimisation des routes

Optimization of Collection Routes Case Study

Integration of a TMS for materials collection rounds

Collection and Recyling Business

Case study

« Recently installed in our Ontario center, Faster TMS has enabled us to improve our rounds among 2000 of our customers. We have minimized empty trips and reduced unnecessary travel. We can now handle on demand visits and fixed frequency visits very quickly. »

The challenge

  1. Optimize rounds of 2,000 customers.

  2. Minimize empty trips.

  3. Distinguish fixed frequency visits and on demand visits.

  4. Allow the addition of optimized stop during the day.

The solution

  1. Implementing Faster TMS into customer's offices with our module for materials collection.

  2. Develop operational procedures

  3. Train and support dispatchers and users to take full advantage of our software.

  4. Verify occasionally that the company takes full advantage of the optimization.


of visitation rate

optimized resources


of empty trips



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