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Solutions de planification et d'optimisation des routes

Frozen Foods Optimisation Route Customer Interview

Following the introduction of Faster TMS within their dispatching team

Villeneuve Inc. Business

Marc Villeneuve Inc. delivers throughout Quebec frozen products such as the Chapman ice cream, with a fleet of 15 trucks.

Marc, how Fastercom helps you ?


Before the routes were ready by 6:00 PM, now they are available between 3:00 PM and 4:00 PM. The saving in time was then very important, but beyond that, it used to be only the dispatcher that could make the routes, and any change was complex.


Today there are several people within the company who, thanks to Fastercom, can take over in case of absence or issue, which reassures me tremendously.


Mathieu, how was the deployment of the software ?


On the IT aspect, Faster TMS was integrated into our existing order management software. Our software environment therefore did not need to be changed.


It was my first project within the company and the Fastercom team really brought me great assistance to model our delivery constraints inside the application; I mean time constraints to meet with our clients; breaks of the drivers but also more complex issues that have been resolved such as pickup and delivery.



Did Fastercom allow you to make further improvements?


Yes, as the dispatcher retired recently, a new resource needed to be formed.

The training of the new person was quick and within a few days. Also we have been able to incorporate new customers in our routes, as well as new trucks, without increasing our workforce.


Besides, Fastercom allows us to make simulations before integrating a new customer in our routes, in order to know the impact.



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